Friday, May 28, 2010

Lee Stafford Jzeush! Bar - Mixed Experience

Well.. this is somewhat of a mixed review/rant/rave because to be honest I have really mixed feelings about my experience. For those of you who haven't heard of the new Lee Stafford Jzeush! Express Style Bar, it's basically a walk in salon where you can choose from 11 looks ranging from £12-£20 and get it done there and then. I was first approached by a woman who was handing out flyers, she asked if she could tell me a bit about the service. I agreed to this took a flyer and carried on shopping. I was intrigued to see whether the service really was as good as they said so when I was done shopping I went back to ask a few questions. I had my eye on the Fishtail Plait but I've tried it before on myself and all the back kept falling out because of my weird layers. I talked to the marketing woman about this and she said (literally) "they can work wonders". I'm a sucker, but this and the fact that Lee Stafford himself was standing right there watching the girls do the hairstyles, I figured "why not?".

As soon as I sat down I regretted the deccision. The girl doing my hair seemed like a trainee, she re-started the plait 3 times and it looked like it was sticking out of the side of my head at a really strange angle. Given that I had seen Lee giving the stylist working on the next station (even though she was doing a different style) pointers and helping her, I figured he would do the same for the girl working on me. No such luck. Now, I wouldn't have been so irritated by this if I had not been paying £20 for the style. By the time she was done with the plait and had tugged it into place, I admit, it looked good. So I paid and left, figuring that it was a nice treat, but not an experience to repeat.

However, by the time I reached my car the entire back of my hair had fallen out  of the plait and was hanging around my shoulders. It was a side fishtail plait on the right, so my shorter layers from the left side of my head had fallen. I've got to say, for £20 this was unacceptable to me. 5 minutes of a style for £20 - no thanks. I couldn't go back in and complain because I had to get home, but I rang the number on the flyer, which turned out to be head office. I told them exactly what had happened and was offered to go back and have the style redone with Lee himself overseeing it or a refund. I chose the refund, simply because I don't have the time to go back, there would be petrol money or train fares too, so a refund just seemed better.

Today I received a package containing my refund and 3 full size products with a letter apologising for my disappointment and inconvenience, and explaining that they welcome any customer feedback and would like to make it up to me with the enclosed products.

I recieved the Bling SpARkLE SpRAY, the Bling HaiR REhab Detox SHaMPOO and the Bling HaiR REhab iNTENsE CoNDiTiONER. I will be doing full reviews of these products in due course.

Overall, I wasn't impressed with the Jzeush! service itself and would only recommend it if you wanted one of the more complex styles which I feel would be worth the £20. However, I personally felt 5 minutes in a chair for a fishtail plait was not worth £20 leading to my complaint. I was really impressed with the way the company dealt with my complaint and quick resolution of the issue.


Just for the record: I have no problem at all with Lee Stafford, his company or anyone affiliated with him or his company. This is an simply honest review of the service I recieved. I have no grudge that would lead me to write a negatively biased review of these products and intend to treat these products as if they had been sent to me for review purposes.


  1. i have sadly only ever had bad experiences with anyone doing anything to my hair :( The customer service sounds good as before when i have complained to some companies they haven't done anything! :( x

  2. I went to the jzeush! bar this weekend, it was really busy and I had to come back to get an appointment. I was going to get the fishtail plait as I also have never been able to create the look myself, but went for the wavy baby instead as I can never ever get beachy curls right! The girl doing my hair was quick, under the 20 mins but over 15, so good timing and the look was just what I wanted, and to be fair exactly how it appeared on the menu board.
    I would defo go back and see about getting another style if I were you, I have my prom coming up next month and will be getting my hair done at the jzeush bar for sure.
    Also . . .saw Lee Stafford too! He's fab and said he loved my hair!! X

  3. To be totally honest, I just like it when a stylist takes time over my hair and makes me feel special.

    But I just thought it was rediculously over-priced for what it was. Lee was there when I had mine done too, but he was busy helping the other stylist. I won't pay more or accept that the service was sub-standard just because someone famous owns it/works there. He said he loved my hair too.. coincidence? I got a refund because of the price and the standard of service was disappointing to me, especially when I went I was one of two people there.

    (if this reads as harsh/rude/whatever I don't mean it that way, I'm just writing the facts quickly because I don't want you guys to have to sift through to see what I'm trying to say!!)


  4. I also think it's a lot of money to pay purely for hair styling - for that price I'd expect some sort of product in the deal. I have tried Lee Stafford hair masks before - they're really moisturising but fairly expensive for what they are and in my opinion smell AWFUL. Actually, on the subject of hair masks, I'd really recommend Superdrug own brand Coconut & Sweet Almond Intensive Conditioner. It comes in a generous 375ml size, costs under £2 and saved my hair after I bleached it. Boots do a similar product which also works well. Check it out!


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