Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Review: Nealsons Pure & Clear

So this is a reasonably quick post, I'm not very well, but have to go to work in an hour and since I have the closing shift chances are I won't be able to post when I get home tonight.

Anywayy.. back to the subject.. Recently, whenever I get a spot, blemish, whatever I head straight for my Nelsons Pure & Clear. I don't use this on a day to day basis but for combating single areas for a few days at a time it works a treat!

I also use the Blemish Gel, since I don't actually have acne I didn't buy the Acne Gel or the Acne Tablets. The packaging of all the products is great. If you don't have a ton of time the step system on the front of all the packaging shows you what order to use the products in, I've only glanced over the full instructions for the safety warnings, they are really easy to use and totally self explanatory. The wipes are great as they will remove light makeup while cleansing your skin, another bonus for those who are pressed for time. There is also a balancing moisturiser in the collection which isn't pictured. Last night I was knackered so I just cleansed and smoothed some over my face, it has the blemish fighting ingredients in it so if you're just too tired to bother spot treating and just want to sleep, you can still see benefits.

There really is something for everyone in this collection. It's completely hollistic and you can find it in the Alternative Skincare section of you local Boots or in Holland & Barrett. If you like hollistic treatments or have had a reaction to chemicals or have found some products like Clean & Clear too harsh, this may be the collection for you!


P.S. Thanks to Lucy and Ritalime for your comments on my last post about my new car, I clicked publish on both, got the email notifying me of the comments, but they haven't shown up :( Maybe they will later, but if they never do, I have read them and appreciate them and all my other comment you lovely ladies (and the beautiful boys; I know you're out there!) leave for me! XD


  1. I think I might pick some up!
    Ahh, I was on the close tonight? Made any CCFs yet? And what the hell are those discovery lattes about? Stupid. Someone actually asked me for a regular starbucks' coffee today, upon further questioning, they wanted a tall latte....ummm....

  2. Yeah, I'm finding that we have lots of Eastern people who loooovveee CMs now are obsessed with CCFs. Have you done many? I hate closing, we're so short staffed it's been me and a supervisor every night this week, we close at 7 and I haven't left before 9.30. How long have you worked at SB? I'm getting pretty glad it's only til the end of the summer. I'm so crap at the bar!! I get people asking for white coffee.. then I have to go through.. Americano with cold or hot milk, Filter Coffee with cold or hot milk or just a Latte, most of the time they could have just said Lattee..

  3. Hahaha welcome to my life! I've worked there for over 18 months now. Only just over year full-time. I love how a normal coffee is a latte...it always makes me smile. Oh, I love bar! I really do. It's easy and you can (mainly) ignore customers.

    2.5 hours after close? that's awful! You should start pre-closing earlier... then again, if you haven't got anywhere to go, it's extra money for cleaning! = more money on makeup!


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